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Happy Birthday Mary Pickford 
(April 8, 1892 - May 29, 1979)

Mary Pickford is a fairy! She is not of this world. She just happened down here to help rub a little of the soot off of everybody’s viewpoint and whisper to us of a place whereperchance butter and eggs are within reason, where folks never have toothaches, and where they tell legends about divorce courts…There is yet to be found a woman who is jealous of Mary Pickford…We love her curls, we love her sunshine, we love her self-forgetful little ways; and most of all we love Mary Pickford because she loves us…Mary Pickford, sweetheart, is the sweetheart of America…Now and then one hears of some one who does not like Mary Pickford, but that person is like a highbrow and is generally a full-fledged fan’s idea of the type of individual who would steal, plague the cat, and gossip about the dead.

Clara Louise Leslie in the May 1918 issue of “Motion Picture”

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Joan Crawford in Paris (1926)

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John Gilbert & Norma Shearer in He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

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Alice White’s natural hair color was reddish-brown but she eventually dyed it Blonde to stop comparisons to another star, Clara Bow.

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Various stars attending the premiere of The Circus in 1928. From left to right: Vilma Banky & Rod La Roque, W.C. Fields, Dolores Costello & John Barrymore, Lilyan Tashman & Edmund Lowe, Billie Dove, Charlie Chaplin (x)

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"Her emotions were close to the surface. She could cry on demand, opening the floodgate of tears almost as soon as I asked her to weep. She was dynamite, full of nervous energy and vitality and pitifully eager to please everyone".

Frank Tuttle about Clara Bow

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Beyond the Rocks (1922)

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Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks skiing in Switzerland, 1932

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Gloria Swanson and Lionel Barrymore in Sadie Thompson, 1928

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Norma Shearer peers through a pair of curtains in a scene from the film ‘The Demi-Bride’ 1926

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